Welcome To My Blog

Hey, buddy! Welcome to my blog. It’s mostly diversified poetry. If you are you are using web you want to use the menu options up there. I have arranged lists for each cartegory for your convenience. Because most of my poetry is experimental, I would love very much to know how a poem changed your pulse rate, if at all. Have a blast!

Oh, and if you liked our poetry and you want us to do a special poem for your loved one, contact us through the email address hchakurangeyi@yahoo.com. We’ll reply to you at our earliest convenience and work with you on this. 

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: The boat may sink but I’m not gonna rock it cuz the see doesn’t know my name. Passenger

Poems You Just Gotta See.

1. Love & India’s Summers

2. A Guitar Of A Thousand Strings.

3. Love & Other Drugs

4. Love & Megabytes

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