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A while ago, I read an interesting article about two fishes put in a big pond with a glass barrier between them. Instinctively, the predator fish tried to attack the littler fish, but to no avail. After some time the predator stopped trying. The barrier was then removed and the two fishes cohabited in peace. Our minds are not very different- they are more or less as credulous. This is partly why it’s imperative that we flash out some infectious beliefs from our minds and guard our minds jealously.

Viruses from Social Programming.

When a society raises a child, the child is programmed with not only skills, ideas and instinct to go through life, but also weaknesses, fears, beliefs, superstitions etc. When we make decisions or when we act, I’m sure you can agree that we pretty much do this based on what we have seen, heard or experienced in our past. In order to start thinking more objectively one needs to identify and fight off some beliefs which limit one’s success span. Maybe you believe that you come from a an inferior family, that going to college will not better your life , or that the government is to blame for your personal situation etc. Frankly, it’s easy to make good excuses in life, and it’s tempting to think like that, but these are viruses slowing down your brain functionality and the sooner you get off that band-aid, the sooner your life gears start spinning.

Not too hasty with this thought though; there is more you should know. What society teaches us, the customs and traditions, are guidelines and more often than not, they are more helpful than misleading. When you loose some superstitions or tendencies that weigh you down, try not to frown upon those people still caught up. The reasoning is like this: If you understand how a plane works, you can navigate your way in the sky..and maybe do some aerobatics sometime; it’s really more fun lol… but for someone who doesn’t know anything about planes it’s better he flies in auto-pilot or safe mode. I hope you got that!

I also hope that you were inspired to understand life in better light, and to try to think more objectively.