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Isn’t it just amazing how far we have come as humans? If that made you smile then you are just as ignorant as the average person. If you are still thinking why humanity’s progress is not cause for smile then let me save you time: Changing one thing changed many!

Somewhere in our endeavor to establish purpose and civilization, we got fascinated by progress, and it wasn’t long before we had forgotten the necessity to pass down the foundation block of life to the children. The one thing that made life make sense- the sacredness of life itself. In this bigger picture, all we have done is unveil myriad ways to nullify our own existence.

Consider this: Every aspect of a good life can be thought of as hinged on the assumption of self-worth. A good life simply boils to two aspects; sanctity of life and of property. A person might not care about his neighbor but just because he cares about himself, it’ll have to take a corresponding deal of persuasion to get him to violate his neighbor because he understands that he also risks forfeiting his own liberty in doing so.  However, if his own life and liberty do not mean anything to him, you basically have an animal.

This is a man who kills dozens of innocent students at a school before killing himself. It’s a girl who commits suicide over a fight with her boyfriend. It’s a man who would laugh in a mother’s face after he graphically describes how he rapped her eight year old daughter. He swears aimlessly as he’s dragged from the courtroom.

He’s a child who would walk into a bus full of strangers before saying his prayers and consciously tempering with his carry bag. More’s the pity, two weeks after that, a remorseless and proud mother would have to bury just chunks of body parts- which are not entirely her dead son’s- as she awaits for the late’s little brother to come of age and repeat the cycle.

If you teach each individual to value himself then you can always appeal to that sense of self-worth. This is the rock on which morality, laws and Law Enforcement stand. If we can make everyone value himself then we can have a leverage for morality. Sadly, somewhere along the way we stopped putting emphasis on this and I think from this stems the biggest crisis we have created since history.

All this and much more gives me reason to believe that we’re just a few child births away from getting a group of individuals who will sit at a round table and just decide to annihilate thousands, millions, maybe billions of people.

Understand this: A sure and simple way to have a functional and civilized society is by helping each individual value his own life. This is the leverage of morality.

Do your part in realizing that your life, just like another’s, is worth something and also help others come to this grand realization.