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Started out with simple words;

Just lines devoid of any sincerity.

Now I type-wipe for perfection;

And you pick on little things.


Spontaneous and simple,

Before time demanded difficult questions.

I asked,

You were at a loss of words.



We did paint colorful memories

Before I made that  big splash on the canvas.

My miracle of guts had checked in,

Just in time for you to deny us the mistake.


Massive feelings that build up by the day;

Feelings you never let me channel.

Why did I trust my judgment?

You had made me an overnight junkie.


I stopped in my tracks once;

I had stopped thinking, I realized.

Did my love have a strong basis,

Or was it feeding off of your resistance?


I’ve since started thinking clearly,

And I’m sure of this more than anything else:

With half the passion I have for you,

A man could rule five nations.


With too little odds for us to work,

It’s easier to not try;

If I insist on us, I’d seem selfish;

If I let go I’d forfeit my humanity.


But I now understand why you do it;

You’re my heart;

Hearts may be deceitful,

But they are bleeding for the people.

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