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When I look at how the world is structured, it’s hopeless to try to reconcile the innate and inexorable inclination to live a sensible life with the ubiquitous senselessness that has swallowed up our world. Many eventually come to this grand realization and even the best of us can’t resist the persuasion to conform to the easier uniformity of narcissism, pride and hatred and not love, community and tolerance. Uniformity is easier achieved when you all agree to raise your middle fingers; joining hands takes time and corporate effort.

The irony of it is that the good aspects of life are appealing to all, even to the worst of us. We decide against them for a reason:

If I would organize and set up rules  to play by in the board game of life, the sad truth is that there is no guarantee that a random person would conform to these rules despite how “objectively good” they may seem. More’s the pity, I can’t restrain him should he chose to topple the board over on me. That is the ghastly price of employing sense in a senseless world. Such cowardice which has consumed the world stems from a mistrust that everyone has for another.

We never trust the next person to do the right thing, and we use this justification to do the wrong thing not realizing that we are the next person.

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Chose to express the actions and words that are truest to your soul; the words you yawn for and the beautiful acts of sincerity and kindness that you fantasize about. We’re most human when we do what we’d want others to do for us. Color somebody’s life everyday and make allowances for others’ mistakes. This may not solve your life, but it certainly doesn’t create problems in another’s.