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I just got off a round table discussion with a close friend of mine. We were basically raking over the controversial ones and it wasn’t long before Homosexuality had its turn.

It’s amazing how the angle of discussion about Homosexuality has mutated so much over the years. It’s come to DNA analysis, moral subjectivity, liberalism etc. The discussion is so pulp and sensitive that even the best of statesmen, eschewing the controversy, address it simply by saying it’s imperative that we recognize and acknowledge the necessity for advocacy of Gay Rights. Most people don’t know how the campaign started: It was more psychological warfare than anything else.

Here is what happened:

In the early twentieth century, Homosexuality was generally recognized as a sexual disorder in all parts across the world. Religious fanaticism and half-baked political policies somewhat culminated in the persecution and prosecution of homosexuals. Even countries with the softest palms for homosexuality had inhuman rehabilitation and therapy centers, and this was comparatively the best deal any homosexual would get(after secrecy, of course).

This trend had been steady over the centuries earlier, until there was a massive awakening happening all across the world; an awakening that also gave us Feminism, Freedom of Speech etc,. It wasn’t long before the Nazi Regime had homosexuals in its check list for concentration camps. This was the devil, and the deep blue sea was the people who blamed homosexuals for allegedly having brought HIV into the world by their “sexual deviance”. Nevertheless, the life of a homosexual was not falling apart; it was falling into place.


The psychology in the background basically worked this way:

The persecution of gays amassed so much sympathy from the statesmen and from the people who felt differently about this. Those perpetrating the persecution didn’t know that they were giving homosexuals a voice by their savagery. The rule is this: Once you have a vortex of emotions of the populace and you have martyrs, you have a functional premise for a revolution. It worked for the Jews and it worked in the revolution in Egypt. Hells, it works in universities!

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