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Moon landing, craters;
Truth Traitors!
Few sit at the round table,
The rest of us are waiters.

We blow whistles,
We’re labeled haters!
What’s so psychotic
The same system caters.

You go to church,
They try to play Creators.
They’re already in your mind,
Check your facebook status.

They think they made us.
We die, dope;
We live,
They think they let us.

Simply put,
We need to change our thinking.
I have been looking down memory lane,
It’s like brain is shrinking.

The kinda ladies I’m winking at;
The booze I’m drinking.
I see the ice berg clearly,
Titanic is sinking!

We’re slipping, right?
Pre-logic, we’re swallowed up,
We’re dreaming!

“F**k freedom,
Customize my strings!”
Our thinking.

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