Yesterday I made a great change about my blogging content. I had always hated    doing laundry in public, as I called it, but I realized I could vent out some of my personal experiences and challenges.

I’m from Zimbabwe and I’m currently studying in India. It’s been more than a year since I was with my parents and my lovely sister Rumbie. God, I miss Rumbie!

I will go home in 2018 after I have finished my studies and I never struggled with this fact really. Until recently! The time between my depressive episodes has narrowed so much over the past few weeks.

I usually pray in these times but I stopped a while back. Watching Rick and Morty has it’s magic but it’s only twenty minutes of distraction from the pity party.

Sometimes I even think about jumping ship but this gives me a grip: my life may not mean anything to me but it means the world for my family, friends and all all the people that look up to me.

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