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I just woke up from another nightmare. It’s an irony really; I mean my life is a nightmare itself. I think it’s reasonable to expect one’s dreams and fantasies to be a little generous in times like these. There were new people in the nightmare  this time around; my subconscious trying to communicate to me the need for change, perhaps.

This morning I’m going to start with prayer for a change. Prayer has changed my life on many occasions over the years. When I don’t pray, it’s usually because I just think it’s fraudulent to give my prayer in the morning then live like a practical atheist the rest of the day.

I recently discovered that I’m rather weak than wicked. And ever since I accepted Jesus Christ as my lord and savior, I have been falling from his grace for a simple reason: His grace is made sufficient in my weakness.

I recently discovered that when one’s inclinations are purified in loving God and loving others as one loves himself, the reason why he falls from grace is that in the moments of weakness he is rather sick than sinful.