Why I Will Pray This Morning

I just woke up from another nightmare. It’s an irony really; I mean my life is a nightmare itself. I think it’s reasonable to expect one’s dreams and fantasies to be a little generous in times like these. There were new people in the nightmare  this time around; my subconscious trying to communicate to me the need for change, perhaps.

This morning I’m going to start with prayer for a change. Prayer has changed my life on many occasions over the years. When I don’t pray, it’s usually because I just think it’s fraudulent to give my prayer in the morning then live like a practical atheist the rest of the day.

I recently discovered that I’m rather weak than wicked. And ever since I accepted Jesus Christ as my lord and savior, I have been falling from his grace for a simple reason: His grace is made sufficient in my weakness.

I recently discovered that when one’s inclinations are purified in loving God and loving others as one loves himself, the reason why he falls from grace is that in the moments of weakness he is rather sick than sinful.


11 thoughts on “Why I Will Pray This Morning

  1. Always pray before bedtime. Read scripture, bleed the blood of Jesus over you, and ask for the mighty hand of God to protect you. I have taught my grandchildren to yell, “Jesus!” if they are attacked. Stay strong in the Lord!
    God Bless You & Yours!


  2. I pray that THE LORD will intervene and turn your nightmares into heavenly dreams; a place of peace, calmness, and restfulness where HE can speak LIFE within you. I pray that from now on your dreams will set the atmosphere for HIS HOLY and perfect SPIRIT to instill within you the truth of HIS promises and the beauty of HIS purpose for your life. I bind up any and every attack of the enemy within your dreams and over your life and I loose the power of THE FATHER’S HOLY PRESNCE in, over, and through every aspect of your life and being. I pray that HE will not only be with you, but that HE would follow you and go before you. I pray the HE would be a shield of protection around you and hide you in the shadow on HIS wings as HIS treasured one. In the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST— Amen and so be it! … GOD bless you! 🙂


  3. i think you are way too smart and lack a certain level of ignorance to reconcile religion and reality..thats why you always persecute yourself..thats me psycho-analysing you..from all the years i’ve known you…

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    1. I feel you, and you could be onto something on that.
      But the problem is that my religion has been the only thing that’s made everything consistent. Reality begs a lot of questions and give very few answers, don’t you think?


  4. i found the one thing to give me consistency..the one thing that will give me all i dream of..all i fantasize about..that drive through some mountains in monaco..that epic weekend before the champions league in rome..that 75th floor hotel room looking at the new york skyline before brocading a huge deal with some top firm..THAT DOUGH!…


  5. generally its all about living life to the fullest..that alone brings satisfaction and answers all existantial crises..and many routes can be taken to get there..education route – for me, im wrongly geographically placed and in the wrong lane also..religion – didnt do it for me, begged more questions actually..money though…


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