Love Song Lyrics We’ll Never Forgive Them For.

I got 50 bucks that says contemporary triumphs Old School in music. Up it up, make it a 100. Oh, wait, a thousand bucks on Old School. Geez, I don’t know!

I do know that musicians and poets often grapple with simple truths about love, sharing heart and…Okay, I think I’m catching feelings now.

The songs, yeah. Here, go wild!

Sir Elton John
Can You Feel The Love Tonight.


Take note of the Sir there. Guy was knighted for real, yeah! With those lyrics up there, if you don’t get why he was knighted then it’s no wonder you haven’t been knighted yourself.

Jason Mraz,
I’m Yours.


Fascinating that, with just a  mallet of words, guy has made a career breaking onto people’s hearts.

Martha & The Vandellas


My father once told me that this song is a Time Machine. Since then I’ve never asked him how he won over my mum’s heart.

Beyonce Knowles


So hard to read the lyrics, isn’t it? What was that about poison again?

Kiss From A Rose.


Not impressed? Don’t really care! Will go with Heidi Klum‘s judgment on this.

Black Eyed Peas
Just Can’t Get Enough



Kenny Rogers
Don’t Fall In Love With A Dreamer.


The Simple Truths expert!

One Direction
Little Things


It’s Ed Sheeran who wrote this song but the delivery was equally impeccable, wasn’t it?

Ed Sheeran
Thinking Out Loud.


It’s okay for guys to listen to this song. Just plug in your earphones. You’ll have to consult your doctor to tip you on how you can curb the seemingly inexorable temptation to sing along with your friends watching. Yeah, we all know that you know the lyrics.

Big Sean (In Justin Bieber’s Song)
As Long As You Love Me.


Confuse and Conquer. I’m not sure about the former.

Take Me To Church.



Ironic that it’s the Christians who are likely to appreciate the lyrics more. The wordplay there is clearly on drugs. I have an idea: let’s start a theory that Hozier is on earth as a visitor!

Anyway, write the names and lyrics of any songs that flip your lid.

One thought on “Love Song Lyrics We’ll Never Forgive Them For.

  1. Thought that life was logical
    Love was a miracle
    That happened to someone else, not me
    Baby, I must’ve said a little prayer
    Suddenly I looked up and you were there
    And the rest is history – Celine Dion

    My favorite from your list is Seal, Ed-Sheeran

    Liked by 1 person

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