Abortion- Planned Parenthood Controversy.

This morning, as I was going through the media searching for my next blogging idea, I bumped into a series of videos about the Planned Parenthood. Just one video was enough to turn my stomach.

A brief introduction to Planned Parenthood first:


What Is Planned Parenthood?

It is a healthcare service provider based in America. It has been in business for about a century now. Its services are high quality and quite affordable. Sometimes they even offer free consultations. Partly because of this, two in every five women in America have visited Planned Parenthood at least once.  It delivers vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of women, men, and young people worldwide.

Why The Recent Noise About It?


Planned Parenthood also offers abortion services and happens to receive government funding. You would expect that the noice is obviously coming from the Pro-lifers or anti-abortion community trying to set up the ship for an ice bag and that would be half right.

Since abortion is legal in America, obviously abortion itself is not a major issue in the enquiry. The enquiry is more about abortion procedures.

Planned Parenthood sometimes preserves the foetus tissue after abortion, supposedly for myriad medical procedures. The Law does not prohibit this but prohibits instead the alteration of the abortion procedure in order to harvest more viable foetus tissue and also the sell of the foetal organs. There are videos that suggest that Planned Parenthood may have been in violation of these two.


The Enquiry

Just like in other enquiries, I think the enquiry about Planned Parenthood was more about peddling with words than anything else. However, there were some notables that I think anyone who cares at all about our moral values as humans should know about.


When Cecile Richards- head of Planned Parenthood- was asked by REP. Trey Gowdy about whether or not she understood why some people  voiced out for the ban on Partial Birth Abortion she argued that the decision to end the practice was a political formation rather than a medical one. Morality was ignored! Hold on to that thought.

Just in case you do not know what Partial Birth Abortion is, it is when a part of a foetus baby is delivered leaving only the head inside the vaginal canal, after which the doctor takes a pair of scissors and kills the baby by tearing off the back of his head.

Apparently, considering the rigidity of the law, keeping the baby’s head inside the birth carnal makes all the difference between abortion and murder. Noteworthy, Cecile Richards does not think that there is anything wrong with this medical procedure.

Moreover, in the controversial videos about Planned Parenthood, some workers are recorded as making deals to sell off some foetal cadavers and discussing ideas with potential buyers about how abortion procedures may be improved to harvest more viable cadavers.

There is one description by a former worker who explains how the hearts of some aborted fetuses are kept beating even after the abortion procedure.

In other videos you can see fetuses, each about the size of a pen, stuffed in a preservation box and also chunks of harvested organs being picked up one by one by a spatula.

As if that is not enough, in some cases we are shown discussions between nurses and potential buyers about fetuses over a salad and wine. Cecile Richards apologised by admitting that the scene was not under a proper setting. Missing the point! And making a bigger one:

People need not be sentimental about medical procedures and think objectively.

That is what had me sleeping all day today. People have been desensitized far beyond comprehension.

My Two Cents

Logic is shifting. There is an increasing shame in being conservative or being moral, partly because morality is said to come from the sentimental part of us- a part which is said to blur good judgment. I am terrified about what has become of us. I am terrified about what will become of us.


C.S. Lewis talks about men without chests in his effort to remind people how it is that morality(the chest) is necessary in linking the animalistic(gut) and the intellectual(the mind).

The desensitized personality is an idol for people across the globe as the world continues to punish good and reward evil. The man who raises his middle finger at everything is much more capable to survive in a world we have created that the humble lad who helps his grandmother with the cooking.

What happened to a unanimous commitment to encourage a young lady to deliver her baby of mistake or abuse and for us to commit, as a whole, to nurture and give the baby a tomorrow that has been given to us to give or deny?

What happened to abstaining from premarital sex in honor of one’s body and of the one you would commit to?

Our discussions desecrate the Truth and dismiss simplicity as anachronistic. Everyone seems to hold a misconception about life in which he invests his all into the material that promise more than they can deliver.

P.S It is tempting to pursue an avante garde way of thinking and spiral in an infinite loop of calisthenics with words, sensuality and pulp liberty but the pleasures these bring is fleeting. True happiness is found when we build our lives around the moral imperatives of love, care, respect, honor, sympathy, trust etc.

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4 thoughts on “Abortion- Planned Parenthood Controversy.

  1. Well said Herbert..i don’t understand the rationale behind this, how else shall it be explained that life begins @ conception. I wrote something a while back, read here -https://mariajob.wordpress.com/2015/08/10/promote-the-culture-of-life-prolife-notprodeath-iamprolife/

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    1. Oh, I didn’t know that you had a pledging platform for this. It was not exactly clear what was the cause though. I know and I could understand the cause but make the platform I would advice that you write the cause in plane sight so that it would seem like a commitment.

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