Living in Australia, Canada, U.S.A, India, China etc. really has its perks. Usually,the new experiences may keep you on edge for a long time but once they become the new normal you start to rake over old memories and yearn to relive that high that you realize, in hindsight, only the motherland could provide.

Here are 10 weird things most people usually miss about Zimbabwe when they are in a foreign land:

1. Climbing Up Fruit Trees


Most places around the world take the fun out of fruits as the process of acquiring them is simplified to buying in a convenience store. Well, we all know we like to climb up a fruit tree ourselves. My cousins and I used to write names on mangoes before they were ripe to avoid any conflict of interest. Yeah, I said it!

2.  Mazoe Orange Crush


This is without doubt the stuff that Zimbabweans are made of. If you can get a constantly supply of these sent to you then you can manipulate all the Zimbabweans living around you. This is really the ultimate power play.

3. Freezit


Kinda remind you of the good old days in school, at break time, doesn’t it? You would think that countries across the globe have this stuff…well, they really try their best but not even close. #honeymoon_brand

Oh, and it goes without say that every freezit goes well with this:

4. Maputi (popped maize corn)


If you were a boarding scholar then you may be able to aptly express why many usually miss this very much. Oh,and if you got out of Zimbabwe a long time ago then you may want to know that they now put peanuts in Maputi. You have no idea just how addictive that shhh is!

5. Commuter Omnibuses, kombis


Yeah, that’s right; the world-class drivers and the witty rank marshals. #just kidding
Those guys cajoled you into their kombi, they were almost always on the run from the police but they always got you from A to B on time (well, most of the times). These are the heroes!
Oh, and it goes without say that almost everyone of us has a really cool (occupational perk) friend who is a rank marshal or hwindi.

6. Outdoor Toilets
I couldn’t find images for this and I guess that is the point. Nobody really realizes that it is a thing to have outdoor toilets until he travels abroad.


NB: We also have indoor toilets.

7. ZBC  T.V.


Yeah, No! We don’t really miss this. Nobody watches; It is an open secret. We do however miss the drumming before the News broadcast.

Kundukundukundukundhungu kuku   Kundukundukundukundhungu kuku


God, I can hear it play in my ears right now!

8. Sugar Cane Stems, nzimbe


Generally all parts around the world grow sugar cane but the consumption method varies. In most countries across the globe e.g. in India they crush it for you and just give you the juice to drink. I have had it and I am glad to report that the struggle in peeling and grinding with the teeth is one that is worth it. Kudos Comrades!

9. Zim Dollars


Well, we no longer use them  but we miss seeing them stuffed in pillows, in our drawers at home and sometimes just lying around. If life piles up hard on you wherever you are just remember that we used to be billionaires ,you and I.

10. Street Football, Chikweshe


If this will not get you nostalgic then I don’t know what will.
Every Zimbabwean knows an old lady, who lived across his street, who would take the ball and throw it on her roof if somebody kicked it into her yard. You will then contribute bread plastics bags to make a new ball. God!

And girls, usually maflawu.

     Yeah, now that I have said it, we can all break down and cry.

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