When miracles ended,
I could hear the gods laughing.
Subsequently, my angel left;
I think heaven was hosting a party.

Ever since you left me,
Demons keep me company.
They sedate me from grief,
And I let them invite more.

Stuff I would do for that
Guitar of a thousand strings!
Always fantasized about holding
It in my arms like it were mine.

I did hold that guitar once,
I thought once never made an addict.
Just one kiss, I lost my mind;
I wish it were just a kiss.

The memory of her is so thick,
I cut a slice of it for my every meal.
The music from her is so melodious,
It rattles even the least interested.

May heavens have mercy
And tilt the scale back to my advantage.
That, or may it send my angel back
Before I break the strings of my own guitar.

Herbert Uba