The Strongest Objection To Unlimited Freedom

Sometimes when we feel confident and excited we raise our hands up high in a V-shape with tight fists and an unmitigated grin. Behavioural analysts call that posture Pride and, interestingly enough, its also a common posture with blind people especially in Olympics. When you are happy about something you just want to occupy so much space and move around feeling like you are a part of a special census.


This posture is an expression of how liberty and freedom are essential aspects of humanity. It gives a clue about how life ought to be for the random individual, but that is not all that is to this. What is the strongest objection to human freedom?

Animals also do this pride posture to establish dominance or express euphoria. Notably, male gorillas stiffen their upper lips, give a Kanye West face and stretch out to establish or maintain dominance. Some birds expand their feathers out for similar reasons.

From this, a yawning for Liberty and Freedom is a primal one; one that does not distinguish us from other spieces. Understanding this would nudge us to look closely into the subject instead of going overboard with an empirical understanding.

Can You Trust Your Judgment?
This is the core of my op-ed so please make sure you get this part. I will digress a little before I can express exactly what inspired me to write this article.

There are some regions across the world where people lead very primitive lifestyles but are protected by Environmental organisations who strongly express that these regions are to remain untouched by the hand of civilisation supposedly because these people say they do not want do be modernised- they are comfortable with their lifestyles.

I know it is hard to persuade oneself that someone would insist on living through hunting and gathering, wearing animal skins, the women bare breasted etc. Most of these people express that they are quite comfortable with this lifestyle but the challenge comes when we question if their judgment can be trusted. Do they know any life outside of that? Why then should we trust their judgment?  Questioning somebody’s judgment will get you labeled as a social engineer with an ill will, a lack of rudimentary understanding of human freedom, but I strongly feel that there is some premise on which we can question somebody’s judgment.

If you are an adherent follower of my blog then you probably know the idea of Uniformity and Unity. Wherever you find Uniformity, usually it is forced; I call this systematic governance. By this reasoning, wherever you can find a recurring mentality, you have a reason to believe that it is a result of localised logic and localised logic is a good enough reason to question somebody’s judgment. Here is a quick illustration:

If I have 10 different flavors of soft drinks and I ask you which one you want but you happen to know only one of the the flavors, can you trust your judgment for your choice- or default choice, thereof? If I do not give you a taste of all the 10 flavors then your judgment is based on a localised logic rather than a well informed one. How can we solve this then?

People should be exposed to miscellaneous lifestyles as this betters their judgments. The more you know, the more your decisions become originally yours because our humanity is hinged on how we evaluate between choices. In the case of the uncivilized areas of our globe, these people need exposure to different kinds of lives; they need exposure to civilisation. The UN should concentrate of conserving the geographies but should have a gracious approach to the demographics. Should these people decide to continue living the primitive way after being exposed to different lifestyles then this would be a well informed judgment, a judgment we can trust and the rest of the world can gladly live and let live.

The same applies to you personally. Try to gain so much knowledge about decision making and about the choices you can make for yourself. This betters your thinking, gives weight to your judgment and warrants you the best sense of control and humanity.

We try to make sense of life by establishing a systematic way of reasoning and decision making but life is quite random. What will sustain you is not a systematic way of thinking but a subjective one based on the vast information you will have acquired.

Lastly, I would like to evaluate a certain philosophy: The Illusion Of Choice which is affiliated with the philosophy of Determinism.

The Illusion Of Choice.
The idea of illusion of choice may not be as conclusive as its proponents believe but it is quite creditable. Humans make choices based on what they have seen, heard or experienced. However, this does not make anyone any less of a human, but it simply affirms that we ought to hear more, listen more and experience more in order to better our judgment. I am sure we can agree that what we want is not necessarily an original choice but a well informed decision that may project us into a future. Moreover, persons may pledge different decisions after having shared an experience thus what makes us human and what gives us assurance that a decision is really ours is the fact that there is not one reaction to every stimulus.

Congressman Trey Gowdy once said,
“Know what you belive and…why you believe it.”

Herbert Uba

5 thoughts on “The Strongest Objection To Unlimited Freedom

  1. Nice post, thank you. However, I think there is a big difference between trusting your judgement through experience and exposing indigenous tribes to civilisation in order to let them have the ability to choose. Are you suggesting that the United Nations fund informative travel packages for indigenous peoples, translating the tribes to towns and cities taking them on a world tour that they are perfectly informed about how civilisation works? Or, do you mean that temporary factories and shopping centres should be set up in tribal areas in order to give them a taste of what they’re missing out on? My own experience in undeveloped regions has put me in contact with people who are surprisingly well informed about civilisation and still reject it. I don’t think a world tour would convince an indigenous person that they were missing out on so much that they needed to change. I would expect quite the contrary from my own contacts. As for a corporate invasion of tribal lands: how would we return the tribe back to its tribal existence after such an invasion? Experience is hard to get rid of and we know how much of our civilisation depends on addiction forming substances and marketing. The big question is: how much of civilisation is grounded in offering new experiences and how much is based on selling corruption? As for those who after a tiring experience of the world would like to return to a simpler, less stressful life… why is it so difficult to go back to basics and the “good life” of “the good old days”?


  2. Thank you Paul for taking interest to read this.

    You know, amongst the myriad challenges in dealing with some of the conservative indigenous people is that most of them loathe civilisation and are taught against it. People are indotrinated against alternative lifestyle from their childhood.

    Partly because of this, we can at least say that their decision to conserve their lifestyles is a default one and maybe advocate against this. I was hoping that they be informed about what they are denying for themselves. Only then can we be persuaded of their decision should they chose to maintain it.

    You know, Paul, I know some people who refuse to immunise their children because of religion. Hundreds of infants die in my country annually because of this. My opinion is not to impose anything on anyone but to make these people make informed judgments by teaching them about Immunisation.

    In your last lines you hammered home a very interesting: There are some people who feel that a simpler acadian lifestyle would be better and it is a valid thought. Since that person would be choosing amongst many options then his decision we can trust. The problem is not in choosing either but in chosing out of ignorance.


  3. I absolutely agree with congressman Trey. Your posts always boost my philosophical feelings and makes me want to write and write but you already know I love to earth everything. Quoting Trey…knowing what you believe in and why you do” I believe that speaks volumes. These supposedly places you refer to..and those Paul say there is no changing their minds..I think the right question and solution should be asking…why are you this way? Why do you like this? For instance, you ask a lady..why are you getting married? She answers dooh all my friends are married. (Wrong). Or why do you like wheat bread? Because it has no sugar. (Partially true). But should that be a good reason? Did the person bother finding out the health benefits and compatibility with his/her body system? Here comes the reason why we should learn knowledge is ever wasted. Surely I don’t expect someone whose body system needs sugar to eat wheat bread because it’s supposedly healthier than white bread and sugar free. Back to earth…just because they choose to remain untouched doesn’t mean they are not civilised or educated, afterall we have educated illiterates..(that’s what I like to call them). The question here for all humans should be…why do you do what you do or act the way you act? Then…wait for the answer before suggesting if they have tried another way. All in all….let’s create awareness for the need to know!💃💋

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    1. You always say kind words about my posts, thank you! Always good to know that you are taking interest to read this.

      You are right, Mary; not all of them are not well informed. For some it’s just a different shade of livelihood and it really suffices, but for most of them, whilst simplicity has its perks, they really dropped the ball in many aspects.

      For the United Nations and some environmental groups, it has always been more about conserving the geography than the people’s lifestyle itself although these two are somewhat related. In some regions, these organisations discuss from a distance because some of the people there eat everything that looks different. It’s really cowardly, in this case, to live and let live. I understand that we have stretched our tolerance level over the years and it is really commendable, but this is just overboard: we have to agree on some absolutes and draw some lines about what falls into the privilege of human liberty because, I’d like to think, a limit on that liberty can sustain us and distinguish us from other spieces.

      I am hoping that we can share notes with them and hopefully learn something from that. Contrasting ideas betters our judgment.

      And again, you really earthed the whole issue: I was wowed about what you did with congr. Trey’s quote and that exemplification. I did pick up a perspective from that. Please, keep writing!

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  4. Thanks Mr Huba for that post, its one of the unforgetable article. My opinion concerning judgement is based on the area or environment that u are living, and to add on the judgement is based on what u have experienced in life, this derive me to agree on what u are saying on that article, those people who remained the same way before and after civilisation is because of the fact that they have experienced and they are now used to that kind of life and the they are not willing to change the kind their lifestyle. To add on with more examplary way if u have grown up in an environment when u are used to pray every morning , your judgement when it comes to prayer will be based on praying in the morning because thats what u have experienced although sometimes judgement based on experience might be wrong and sometimes might be correct, so i think its food for thought guys.


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