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I was having a table talk with Achaab last night and I was telling him that one of the challenges of our generation is that people are not curious about existential issues about life such as its meaning and purpose. We are living at a time when the random person doesn’t even know what questions to ask. I would like to believe that this is the reason for the frustration that many lads are facing. Even the boringly common scenarios of heartbreak, family loss, exam failure, take their toll annually as has always been the case perhaps since the beginning of time.

Why not borrow notes from your father to have a jumpstart in your relationships instead of purging on your Facebook wall? Why not watch a documentary about Pastor Nick “the limbless” and understand the value and nature of hope instead of popping depression pills?

People get frustrated about things that they don’t understand. Knowledge protects the mind. Emotion may sustain us for a moment but it is informed Reason that can see us into the future. Read around; increase your knowledge. Ask questions; engage in forums.

By now they must have told you curiosity killed that cat; well, what they didn’t tell you is that that cat peddled more with truth in that moment than his friend who died five years from then.

Be curious about things that build you towards a purpose and destination. However, guard your heart jealously and protect your dream.

The bible says: My People Perish Because Of Lack Of Knowledge.

Herbert Uba