India, A Foreigner’s Perspective 2.0: The Event!

I’m writing this to purge my anxiety about what is about to happen. My mind is so stuffed up I can hardly move a hand. I made this exceedingly moronic plan to do a rap in front of…I suck at estimating numbers, but it’s quite substantial for my preference. I’m thinking that the Mic may not be good for rap, the reception may not be fair, something may go wrong with the instrumental or, what I chose to not believe but is a possibility, I may actually suck at this.

Epiphanies have been coming cheap to me lately but just not this time around. It’s just me, a mix that a friend of mine, Rajib, helped me make, a microphone a little later this afternoon, and consequences that are anybody’s guess.

Best case scenario is I’m gonna go up there and find a set of eyes I’m comfortable with; that, or I’m gonna use that trick we all know of imagining everyone naked. Hahaha!

Oh, snap! Some three persons- renowned persons- just came in; an ex footballer, a singer and the other one I forgot. They are the judges. For the love of music, I really hope these three folks love hip hop!

Okay, some guy¬† just started singing. Suffice to say there is no problem with the PA system. Don’t know whether I should be excited by that.

Some 1st year girl is dancing. Desi girls with their hands, the flexing, lovely! There was another girl just now; the hands & a little of bumbleheads. Different much!

(54minutes later)
The rap is done now; I loved what I did because I did what I love. Still don’t know much about the reception; it’s kinda daunting to feel the pulse of the crowd when you’re up there because you just want to give your all to remembering the lyrics and keep up with the beat.

Suffice to say it all went well!

(45 minutes later)
There is this quiz happening; somebody, please, slash my wrists! Okay, I will just slide in my head and lock myself in there; I keep it tidy ever since I stopped letting anyone live in it rent-free. No epiphany!

Anyway, the guy up front said my name; apparently, I got third prize. To tell you the truth, I have since maintained a hop hop persona for a long time but the euphoria made me act out of character- I did curve out a smile and thanked God.

There was an exit scene but let’s just say that those couple of hours were the coolest waste of time after long and I will consider doing this again.


Herbert Uba

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