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A soul for a heart,
A broker would persuade;
Tempting a heart
Weighed with lust.

Paranoid about books and pens:
Books that criticize feelings;
Pens that afford a chance
To sign on the dotted line.

Sign away a soul for a heart,
A broker would persuade.
Tempting a heart
Teeming with overdesire.

With a mouth I taught hard
Not to tell anyone,
I practice what to say
If I had a chance with her again.

“Just sign away a soul for a heart,
Or risk breaking a leg too this time.”
Says the broker as he bottles
Four souls from his recent deal.

I love her to the bone;
The goddess of my idolatry.
Love each atom of hers
So much that…

I would give a soul for a heart.
Take the advice of the broker.
The temptation of a man
Weighed with lust.

Dimples like pearls
A glittering smile.
Who wouldn’t go abyss-depths
For such Jewels.

“A soul for a heart,”
Says the broker.
But how then can I love
Without a soul?

I laugh and start to cry.