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Sniffing old perfumes,
Chaos in that old storage room.
Desperate to relive a memory;
Desperate to not live at all.

Watching the hands of time,
I think I’m slowing it down.
As each day goes by,
I feel more like Prometheus.

I removed the doors,
You’d see it from a distance.
But that hole through my heart
Can only be filled up from inside.

Who wants to get it?
I once auctioned the chance.
They all say it’s too dark,
And it has an aura of you in it.

“Pitch darkness!”
I got that and a slap;
A generous price for calling
One volunteer by your name.

Sniffing that old t-shirt
I wore during the make-out.
I’m the junky in this,
You are the drug of choice.

Still watching the seconds pass;
Still slowing down time.
A heart can be open
But for a time.

When tomorrow comes,
I’ll enter inside my own heart.
I’ll fill up the hole
Once and for all.

I will fill up that hole;
The hole that can only be
Filled up from inside.