When he said twenty,
I knew I could get fifty from him;
The fifty that could
Have been a hundred.

Two pebbles and a mirror,
That’s all I had to bring.
I knocked and he bade me to get in.
I should have left my heart at home.

He had folded himself
Like a suitcase.
“With a bed this big,
Why is he groaning?”

I regretted asking out loud;
I regretted even going there.
Fifty dollars just for my presence,
Sly bait for a lustful soul.

“Over there!”
He pointed me to a sit.
“My order!”
I was scared to death.

Two pebbles and a mirror;
“Should I arm this stranger?”
This time it was my face
That spoke out loud.

He hit himself in the face with one;
His skin broke open.
Myriad cuts on both his hands
Caught my eye.

With a wardrobe full of Gucci,
Why was he doing this?
“Expectation-Reality misfit!”
He answered my loud mind.

I did not get that!
Rather, I felt tempted
To take the other pebble
And hit myself on the head.

“No!” He said
After reading my loud mind.
“I’m the one who gets to do that;
You watch!”

He hit himself again;
Harder this time.
Hurt to the skull,
He reached for a mirror:

There was my face in it.

I was Expectation;
He was Reality!
I took the two pebbles and a mirror;
He folded back into a suitcase.

I curved out a smile,
As I exited my heart.
Into a dilusional mind
That I had taken years to build.