Love & A Deflected Balloon

I meet a deflated balloon
At my aunt’s party.
It has an obvious inscription,
And just enough air to keep breathing.


My curiosity pokes her;
Then she looks me in askance,
Exciting an inexorable penchant;
I want to look inside her head.

“Your energy is dangerous.”
Whispers my conscience.
“Once never made an addict!”
My curiosity argues.

I assume a sit next to her;
Clear a throat to solicit attention.
The deflated balloon looks up again;
I give her the most soothing eyes.

She gradually inflates and I hear,

“I’m the bold one in a country
Where girls take pride in their hair.”
“Cheated by a body that my mother Always says is a temple of God.”

Her mind whispers,
And poisons my soul.
My conscience laughs at me;
My eyelids gain weight.

I amass a little confidence and say,

“The capsules that give nausea?
I have some for my depression!”
“Is that the reason you are deflated?
Please, let me look inside your head!”

The balloon inflates a little.

A radioactive smile this time;
Exciting a natural one from me.
Balloon now looks like a flower;
Like one of the orchids of Ecuador.

The balloon inflates to capacity.

My cousin comes;
He asks my balloon for a dance.
The balloon acquiesces to the offer,
Smiles at me as she goes.

I deflate as I watch her dance.

I patiently wait for the next
Curious inflated balloon.
Until then,
I will keep just enough air to breath.

6 thoughts on “Love & A Deflected Balloon

    1. Honestly? Something happened lately so I use poetry as some sort of therapy; to purge away the negative energy that may have accumulated. Black makes beautiful paintings, I think. I’ll try to add more colour in future.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. As a friend of mine once said Hubert all great poetry arises from a soul crying out for reason! Or something to that effect. Just be yourself and don’t promise to write stuff that you think others might want to hear.
    By the way where are you from if I may ask?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You have a wide friend, Leo. I’ll probably own that advice to a sticky note on my walls.

      I was personally feeling the need to change though; pity parties do lose their taste after some time.

      I’m from Zimbabwe but I’m currently studying in India. You’re also from Zimbabwe, I presume?


  2. I meant to say “wise friend”; forgive my autocorrect.

    Family calls me Uba; oddly, it’s short for Herbert. I just adopted the name for convenience. My surname is Chakurangeyi, hahaha; now you see why it has to be just Herbert Uba.

    Your name? Not a native?


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