I meet a deflated balloon
At my aunt’s party.
It has an obvious inscription,
And just enough air to keep breathing.


My curiosity pokes her;
Then she looks me in askance,
Exciting an inexorable penchant;
I want to look inside her head.

“Your energy is dangerous.”
Whispers my conscience.
“Once never made an addict!”
My curiosity argues.

I assume a sit next to her;
Clear a throat to solicit attention.
The deflated balloon looks up again;
I give her the most soothing eyes.

She gradually inflates and I hear,

“I’m the bold one in a country
Where girls take pride in their hair.”
“Cheated by a body that my mother Always says is a temple of God.”

Her mind whispers,
And poisons my soul.
My conscience laughs at me;
My eyelids gain weight.

I amass a little confidence and say,

“The capsules that give nausea?
I have some for my depression!”
“Is that the reason you are deflated?
Please, let me look inside your head!”

The balloon inflates a little.

A radioactive smile this time;
Exciting a natural one from me.
Balloon now looks like a flower;
Like one of the orchids of Ecuador.

The balloon inflates to capacity.

My cousin comes;
He asks my balloon for a dance.
The balloon acquiesces to the offer,
Smiles at me as she goes.

I deflate as I watch her dance.

I patiently wait for the next
Curious inflated balloon.
Until then,
I will keep just enough air to breath.