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We spent our nights
Gazing at the stars;
I would explain to her
Why this was time travel.

A pet kiss for every science word,
Thanks to the Ivy League literature,
It would always end up
With so much tongue.

We would watch Sirius;
See about three years into the past.
Each night she would forget
Why this was time travel.

She’d nudge my left leg,
Everytime I pretended to doze off.
Call it my five minutes
Of being the girl.

With her head pressing
Down against my chest,
The soothing weight
That demanded patience.

She would always ask why
Gazing at the stars was time travel;
I would always explain;
She’d subsequently wrap around me.

The Three Kings was her favorite,
I would always remind her the name;
We watched the stars every night,
The gods would then reset her memory.

After a waste of savings on catholic
Indulgences that promised change;
I concluded ours was not a world
To whom we can trust children.

Thus we never had any.

She passed menopause,
The stars spellbound her still.
They would wow her
Just like the first time.

At dusk, she’d cry
As she kissed my lips;
“The stars are fading!”
She’d say.

Little did we know that daytime
Was our turn to be seen by the stars.
The stars would gaze at us,
Mesmerized by our pure love.

“Their love is more bioluminous
Than the six sisters combined,”
Said one star, humorously.