Been sitting on my papers,
Ironically, it feels comfortable.
Next to me is a phone that never rings,
And a calender with circled dates.

A declined credit card;
My son uses it for DIY projects.
My son, a social fraud
With a Susan that left me.

I have a father with a reputation,
Thus I’m obese with stereotypes.
So big I can’t fit through
The doors of most corporations.

I despise them though;
Always had an inclination for start-ups.
Almost gambled a big break,
But was crucified on a technicality.

Allowance for others’ mistakes;
I call it a virgin mind.
A hilarious phrase in a life that Continually changes sex positions.

Sexual abuse by Life;
That is how I will report it today.
Let me get ready;
Church opens at 6am.

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