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A cubicle with a toilet;
Graffiti that gain meaning with time.
An overall improvement to
The life I had lived before.

The Malian Dialogue;
Christocentric life.
Honour, Justice and Integrity,
My cardinal beliefs.

A cubicle with a toilet;
A sedated aneroxiac.
Were it not for my head,
Would have fitted through the air vent.

Weak legs and an avante garde mind;
Both a respite.
Years of leg-work for the weak;
A mind with an einstein imagination.

A cubicle with a toilet;
Four familiar walls.
Exempted from a chance at amnesty;
Twelve years and counting.

If Love is cheaply
Priced at commitment,
Why does Change cost one
A hand and a leg?

I have paid twice the market price
For the emancipation of women.
Come tomorrow the tooth brush
Will make a good DIY project.


Prisoner Of Conscience