Adult Fiction|The Fault In The Stars We Worship.

Poetry about life.

There is a temptation that lingers throughout the lives of the wise; A cry for justice in a dumb universe for a wrong that didn’t carry a person tag with it; Something surely bigger than us and yet seems to know us by name. Something so common we think it would be foolish of us to scream its name out loud and yet so polarizing we think it can only be fair if it apologizes to our mothers. Something older than us, in the human genome that they say has evolved over millions of years and yet so immature we wonder if nature ever improves on his handwriting. Something we hate so much our best bet is to deny it existence. Something the weirdest of us crave to give corporal punishment in form of the most awkward of sex positions. Something…

Something nature allows us to site as an excuse that she would never compensate us for. Something…somethi…

Something that if we all raised our middle fingers to would show up for the first time because it is that prideful and it would tune down the piano of a million keys, the control house of the universe, to spoil the taste of wine for us.

Because i have had the rarest of bottles, I promise nothing is worth more than those years of fermentation. If you need something to punch, please find a soft toy! Get someone to punch you in the stomach and pull your hair. After all, the heart may be deceitful but it bleeds for the people. Something…

Something the wise also know.

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