How Dark Poetry Can Change The World.

Blogging and suicide

When we are betrayed; when we fail; when we feel unappreciated and not loved for who we are; when we feel misrepresented by our bodies, we create a negative energy that neither helps ourselves nor humanity in any way. Actually, it is regenerative in that we risk passing it to our children, friends, employees etc. and it somewhat circles back. I believe that evil or that negative energy is a force that cannot be avoided but can be managed nonetheless. Most art activities provide that channel- some sort of negative energy sink. I think Dark Poetry does a great job at this. Dark Poetry may be a piece purging feelings about an ex, murdering the president, stepping on Hillary Clinton’s toes without mentioning her name, a fantasy about sex with an old nun, and…well, you get the sense. The leverage is that most people would forgive you for painting a priest in a certain way or for humorously drooling all over Football as a sport. You get to get away with stuff you wouldn’t dare say out loud and this is a major key in more ways than one. It provides the luxury of creating negative energy barely harming anyone and sometimes, in a way, actually helping in coloring the lives of other people with humor, ‘vine’ heresy and sarcasm.

Furthermore, when one constantly surrounds himself with hard questions and dark thoughts, he develops some tolerance for negative energy which prompts patience on his part; patience to evaluate things in a big picture perspective before rushing into conclusion. For example, I have written poems about the Protagonist Disease and every time I am faced with the temptation to sweat any current situation or failure I am quick to realize that the world is bigger than me. Before I can dismiss all my anxiety I remember that mourning a loss or failure is important. There, I have a thesis and an antithesis and hence I can keep walking with squared shoulders. As one writes a dark poem, the therapeutic effect is very much evident; the thoughts deepen and, with some conscious action and intent, one may find an immunity- or a tolerance at least- to one’s struggles.

The biggest downside to this is the risk of strengthening your emotional mind and hence losing touch with reality. Dark poetry and dark thoughts may actually culminate in suicide as the writer localizes his logic, often times in a collective bondage with sympathetic people. Therefore, it is always good to crave change, pick up good habits and offset bad ones. Dark poetry should, in my opinion, be written with this ink of clarity. For Dark Poetry to be effective it requires a great deal of hygiene. I am happy to report that I have not suffered any depression for many months now.

6 thoughts on “How Dark Poetry Can Change The World.

  1. It seems a somewhat a natural concession I’ve come to realize on the part of the weightier more laden stressors of life that they loose out upon being shared. Poetry is just one of those things. However, what I find remarkable about wiring the thoughts into written words in the clarity of truism that doesn’t come with speech most often, and the more truthful you’re able to express it, I think the more free you become.


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