Poetry about hurt.

Blank facial expression,
Eyes that lost color;
Facial muscles so relaxed
Humor feels insulted.

Blank facial expression,
An insult to any polygraph.
A face that cheats life,
And its extraterrestial audience.

Blank facial expression,
The ultimate defensive behavior;
The last card I played so effectively
I have forgotten how to smile.

Blank facial expression,
Don’t look at me in askance!
You were a part of the audiance
That exorcised my mother’s son.

Blank facial expression,
It’s my monster’s turn.
I am still licking the wounds
From a past life.

Blank facial expression,
When you see him applaud;
It takes a great deal of courage
To say No to her.

Blank facial expression,
Stone her to death.
I can give my last smile
And cry for the rest of my life.

Blank facial expression,
I hope I poisoned your soul.
If you cracked a smile,
You never understood my words.

Blank facial expression!

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