If only I could get in that head,
Do a few bolts loose, I’m nuts!
Move through it all day,
And heal the migraines.

Just a minute in that head.
Have you pensive,
Thoughts of value;
Nothing expensive.

Have you smiling,
To yourself like an idiot.
I, moaning, screaming,
Giving you mindgasms.

If you could let me in that head,
I’d carry a shovel,
Dig through your grey matter
Looking for secrets.

One night stand in your head,
An orgy of your thoughts and mine,
Oh, gee, we can talk in slime,
Cuddling near your eyes.

If you could let…
You never let me, you bitch!
Afraid I will see the hunky guys
That give your head weight?

I’m sorry.
I got carried away.
Where were we?

If you could just let..

Herbert Chakurangeyi

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