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I was following a story which happened this morning around 3am about an African girl who was killed by an Indian guy. The Facebook comment section from which the origin video was posted was surfeit with expletives by people who were just as clueless about the story as they were judgmental.

What was most curious about this video was why the guy was seated in a sofa after having allegedly murdered someone and how they winded up within the same walls to begin with. Curious much, I called a friend of mine who then clarified the issue. The Ugandan girl was a call girl who had raised her price to twice the initially agreed amount because a third person had joined. She then brandished a knife to force the guy to pay up. There was an altercation and the rest is history.

The past few years has seen some heinous acts by Indians on foreigners but this seems to be different. I will add more if I get any interesting findings.