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Clueless about my courage,
Judgmental about my activity.
A choice to be objectified,
At a cost of a loaf of bread.

Or two, on a good day.

They despised me for vendoring
Tomatoes and onions.
Now I trade in natural assets;
A profit that comes with spanking.


I take in the worst of them,
Fake orgasms like anything.
Deep like the treacherous seas,
Popping tightening pills.

Labour necessities.

Perhaps I am the place to look
If you wanted to know about bravery,
Because it takes courage
To remember how to cry.

Brave heart.

Opening legs for change
Is seemingly immoral
To a world that fights for principles
That it never lives up to.

Just don’t tell my mother I said this!

Racism in India

R.I.P. Courageous.