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Title: Clutch.

Loud snapback,
On point like a seance.
Say Wassup in slime,
Just to piss off the bfs.

Sick beats to build tolerance,
Slime bars that bend time.
Gucci rag from my back pocket,
Just to put things into perspective.

Kanye persona,
Government administers AIDS.
One controversy away
From scoring a Kim.

‘Big shown’ fake love
When you prefer the hate.
I brainwashed Appleton;
He took 38 with him.

Summon a little of Einstein.
Scream, “I Am The Only One
Occupying This Space & Time!”
Read and weep!

Clutch Explained↓↓↓

The first stanza talks about the typical hip hop fashion. Slime is lazy black American English. Young Thug, a hiphopper himself, coined that, I think. Anyway, the idea is that Black American English is sounds really cool. A seance is a cultic act of summoning the dead.

In the second stanza, the word ‘sick’ is used positively. It’s not an uncommon usage in Hip Hop. Slime bars are lyrics in which words are deliberately minced and stretched. A Gucci rag is a bandana with black and white boxes. It is common in Hip Hop fashion trends.

The third stanza starts with a word play on Big Sean’s lyrics in Holy Key, DJ Khaled’s song. He actually said “These ‘OOs’ showing fake love when I prefer the hate.” Appleton was a religious leader who persuaded 38 of his followers to commit suicide with him supposedly so that they could get aboard a ship hovering behind a comet. Look up the story, it’s interesting. It’s called Heavens Gate Scandal.

The fourth stanza talks about Kanye West’s carefree persona. He once said, “The government administers AIDS,” on national television. Kim is Kanye’s wife.

On the fifth stanza I thought I could spin it a little so I appealed to my nerdy side. Yeah, I’m a Science guy! The idea there is that everyone is unique.

What The Poem About?
Random thoughts. Just Random thoughts! In Hip Hop it’s called ‘wiling out’.