Open Letter To The Hopeless

Dear Hopeless,

Every day, I fight the temptation to think that the life I live is hard and not worth it. It helps when I remember the simple truths about life; how everything always passes on, how I have people who care about me no matter how I perform in life etc. The last time I cried was in 7th Grade- a probable testimony to how broken I am.

Just before I came here(India) I spent 3 nights in a yard guarding what little property we had left after we had been evicted cuz we couldn’t pay rent for the one room my parents, my sister and I were using. I then came here with only thirty dollars in my pocket, $420 short of the money I was supposed to carry with me. My grandfather had told me that he couldn’t sell a cow to make that money because he had sold another the previous month. It’s how miserable my life has been.

I have been fighting for things all my life and each stage brings with it difficult challenges. When it’s too much I always try to remember that ultimately none of this matters. We are all gonna die and it’s a simple truth.

Look inside your soul and let the little lights you still have light up hope. Teach your hands to work hard and your mind to work smart. Don’t fight the pain with beer or smoking, you will be just setting yourself up for more pain the following day. Instead, bottle your pain and sleep with it every night. Let it give you the energy and the will to do good by tomorrow.

Lastly, we all wear masks; find one that fits you. Put it on your profile pic and hide your scars from people. Misery loves company so most will only feel good when they see another cry. It’s how human we are. Good morning!


2 thoughts on “Open Letter To The Hopeless

    1. Thanks, Talasi! That line was inspired by a song by Passenger called Little Lights. It is a dark song, though. It says,

      |We’ve got millions of little lights shining in our hearts; they show us the way. One lights up everytime we feel love in our hearts, one dies when it moves away. …They will all burn out one day.|

      You can check it out on YouTube.

      Anyway, not sure I pronounce it right but you have a beautiful name. Thanks for following my blog.

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