The Marbles Hypothesis|A Novel Approach To Racism

These are excerpts from an Op-Ed I wrote two years ago. I am still to learn how I can set up a download link for the pdf.

1. |You must have heard it said that, “We should ignore our differences and celebrate our similarities.” This phrase is the epitome of the current approach to resolving racial differences and encourage open-mindedness. However, I would like to suggest that this approach is not well thought up. It has ghastly connotations to it and thus the overall system of approach to racism may not be the best there is. The idea of ignoring differences is implicit racism in that it carries with it a sense that the way some people look is misrepresentative of who they are. There is a better approach and I explain this using an analogy I thought up, The Marbles Hypothesis. In this approach, I suggest that people can be taught to see each other in the light of reason. After all, the eyes look but it is the mind that sees.|

2. |This would explain much, relevant to this, and most notably, the obsession with fairer complexion as mentioned earlier. From practical reasoning, there is evidence to believe that the demographics that this disfavors counts it as much a deficit as it is perceived a blessing in the demographics that the bias supports. This is partly why differences are so scary. But does ignoring differences help?|

3. |The deep seated implication of calling for society to ignore differences is cowardice to existential philosophy, a ridiculously logically flawed approach for an augmenting problem, and often times, a condescending endeavor and a desperate defensive behavior by a people with inferiority and superiority complex issues alike.|

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