Fantasy Friday 2.0| Girl Edition

An aptly fitting costume,
And a clean work desk;
Maybe her lips are a sell off
For the freak she is.

All four of them!

A hand; a remarkable irony,
Navigating under her clean desk,
As she closes her eyes
To distract evil thoughts.

One devil is insistent!

A clergy of the local church;
Walks in cuffing something in hand.
Bites her lips as he bites the other pair;
Her dexterity deserves a patent.

Shakes her head to reset!

15 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday 2.0| Girl Edition

    1. Oh, thanks spuns, hey! I started keeping a thought book in my early teenage. I felt I needed to evaluate my thoughts so much. Poetry seemed ideal cuz I could hide secrets between lines. I’m quite prolific, though. This… my culture of secrecy is reason why, for the most part, I write subtle poetry. Then about Fantasy Friday series, I have pushed things up a notch in terms of being graphic and using expletives. One fun fact about this series is that you may have helped prompt me to making this a series. If I remember well you commented on the very first post in this series. You seemed to have liked it. That, the overall response and a chance for some consistency on my part, made Fantasy Friday the ongoing series it’s become. The first one wasn’t “too erotic”, lol; so that explains many things. Your delicate sensibilities are cute, by the way. If you found this too erotic it’s most likely that you are a better person than most people. Than me!

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      1. 1. I’m #dirty…but not erotic hahahaha that’s why. No better than other ppl, just different. More simple – “fk this – fk that”.
        2. I’ve read around before commenting- so I knew what you are and your style :))
        3. You have to find like-minded ppl who will support you with ur on WordPress it’s possible- look around sometimes, there’re lots of new ppl here and some old bookworms r fun as well sometimes Hana

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahaha, dirty huh? If the shoe fits…
        And yeah, I did see some interesting statistics on Sweden in my analytics. Thanks much for enduring all that much. Maybe ‘you are the hero’, after all…
        You right on 3. Changed my style so I have some dead weight in my following. I need to build a lewd following now lol…

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