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When I created my blog I called it BeautifulLiesVsUglyTruths. That was like late 2015, I think. I really suck at dates; so much that I almost missed my supplementary exam sitting two weeks ago. Yeah, I have had tons of those! Not that I can’t manage my modules, though; I just think how engineering is framed at my college is stupid and I wanna slash my wrists half the time. Anyway, the name changing thingy..yeah, thingy:

That name felt a little too long after a while and I had to shorten it. My blog name  became Beautiful Lies. However, just recently, a friend of mine teased me about it. He said it was too girlish; some catching feelings typa eish. Actually, I have always maintained a steady ego state, until recently. My latest poem takes the ego state of a woman in an office. I intend to be fluid with my ego states now. Still, that prick of a friend got to me and I happened to have put up a sticky note written HINDSIGHT BIAS a  day before that. It’s on my mirror, next to PROTAGONIST DISEASE, which inspired one poem of mine. Anyway, Hindsight Bias became my blog name after that.

Anyway, I got this erotica poem series called Fantasy Friday happening and I’m particularly excited about that. Like what one of my main man, Joe Biden, says.

|If you not the bomb, at least be in the blast radius.| (fine tuning the phrase to fit context, of course)