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Bad effects of watching porn

Tori Black

Alain de Botton, co-founder of School Of Life, has an avante garde take on Pornography and Addiction. Whilst most people’s opinions  are lumped in the extremes of this discussion, Alain thinks, and I am persuaded, that we can isolate out the ghastly from porn and still retain the same appeal that porn has to billions of people across the world.

The problem with porn can be understood when we consider how the viewer is made to take the default role of a passive observer. In this way, the part of the mind that observes is turned on and the creative thinking part sedated. This experience is often flanked by an act of masturbation and the feel of this experience can easily sway the less conscious observer part of our minds whilst the inquisitive part of us is sidelined.

The idea is to activate the creative thinking part. Instead of just giving her an observer role, porn may invite its viewer to take an active role in painting a fantasy. This is advantageous in that it helps add color to the experience and also amplifies the overall feel of self service. Alain started a blog called pornastherapy  in which he posted scripted porn featuring some images. He did not upload many posts, though; possibly because of the controversy and criticism he received. From my empirical understanding, I believe it was a remarkable initiative and I will tell you why in my next post.Stay tuned!

Mia Khalifa