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I shudder awake to a
Sound of a sliding plate.
Catch a glimpse of her lips
Before she turns away.

Slightly sagging hips, compact ass;
Assets tucked in a khaki slack.
Waistline so slimey it spies
What assuming cunt she is.

I wet my lips in reflex
And make sure I remember hers;
My cell portal shuts off behind her.
The painting begins!

I dress her in a short orange dress
Over loud black panties;
I give her this one wrist watch
I saw on display in Zurich.

Twenty minutes later,

She sits on it, moans;
I French kiss her silent.
Spank her and call her by
The worst names for Trump.

Latched in prelogic,
Confirming stereotypes for blacks,
She goes numb with an open mouth;
Devil laughs as we orgasm

The guard sees me cuffing
Something in hand.
Softly says, “Go ahead, next week
You will all be eunuchs!”

©Herbert Uba 2017

Erotica Poems