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I have an old habit of bookkeeping thoughts. Most of the times, especially when a big change arises or I have a premonition about something, I sit through a long monologue before I sublimate in a poem or my diary. I’m feeling that way right now.

I started feeling some changes late last week when I acted against routine by going to gym in the evening. On my way there, I bumped into two acquaintances and small talked them. Here is the thing; one of them really threatened my composure. She effortlessly held my eyes until I yielded. I remember painfully contracting my eyes before getting swallowed up in my thoughts. At that point I was feeling my own pulse and trying to understand a body which I was, for a good reason, now overly paranoid about. The easy answer was that all this was happening because of a change in weather ergo biometeorology. After all, I had met her before so, keeping all things constant, the change seemed to have been cosmic rather than thematic.

Now, moving into your mind; that acquaintance is something I can work with. She is athletic, seemingly mature, chatty and quite inquisitive. There are plenty of people with those traits, though, so there is obviously more to her. Well, if anything, it’s the eyes I told you about earlier. They are daunting to place. I gave up on even trying to understand them.

Just to be sure that my reaction to that encounter was purely cosmic I planned another coincidence. I just had to be by the gym just before it opens for guys. I did and I did meet them again. Her. Well, I realized I was tripping even more this time. It was hard for me to think straight and definitely hard for me to hold her gaze. Just today I met her again and I had planned I’d ask her to teach me some catchphrases for this one language she knows. (Forgive me for being too sparing.) This was a strategy to get her contact number. Yeah, kinda lame; I know.

Anyway, I didn’t ask her. I couldn’t! However, today she started us a chat. More like a compliment. She said my body was coming up nicely. I looked down, smiled inexorably before making terrible mistakes. No; before she prompted me to make terrible mistakes. I thanked her then went on to acknowledge that I was comparatively tinier when I started working out. She kept up her gaze and I could almost swear her eyes read something like CAREFUL NOT TO BREAK A HAND JERKING YOURSELF OFF! I quickly swung to return the compliment by asking her why she was going to the gym in spite of her ‘perfect body.’ She smiled and told me that she was in it for the fitness. She opened another subject which, in hindsight, just kind of persuades me that I was the girl in this. Embarrassing much!

Tomorrow I will go to gym in the evening again. I will tell you how it goes. For now, pray4Paris; just kidding,!

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Herbert Chakurangeyi