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I was his only visitor;
The one that pulled the plug.
Saw life leave him;
An experience that hurt us both.

His beatific smile was worth
An encyclopedic narrative:
The insistent smile that
Burnt through his meager calories.

We talked about the Moon Experience,
Our favorite thought experiment.
Well, I did the talking;
His face lit like the first time.

He told me he never second guessed
His decision to not have kids.
“Primal!” he said vehemently,
Before apologizing for marrying me.

“Disturbance signal?” I asked.
Realizing he was in my mind.
“You can do an insemination?
Five more years before menopause.”

I told him there could only
Be one of him in time;
Anything else would disappoint.

He gave the last beatific smile.
Aptly captured that glimpse of eternity

….before I mercy killed him.

Herbert Chakurangeyi