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Herbert Chakurangeyi

Back story:

A practicing toonophilic;
Back bencher in class.
Wi-Fi addict,
With myriad phone passwords.

Born with a USB port,
But never had any cable.
Always improvising;
Humping a pillow she named Fin.

A transfer student:

Another back bencher emerged,
Equally swallowed up in cartoons
Of Japanese teenagers.
Never had any USB cable either.

They started talking,
Each with one earphone plugged in.
Until they started sharing heart,
Spontaneously, like two little birds.


Being punished for classroom sins 
Or being set up for more serious ones?
Just USB ports,
No cables!

What evil you can architect,
With a classroom desk and bravery?
As for the USB ports,
They filled those up with their fingers.


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