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Wassup, fam? I promised one blogger, Rebecca, I’d attempt a sequel to “Screw It”– a mind-blowing erotica post she did a little while back. Rebecca’s writing style in that post had graphic erotic description and a bold use of expletives. In aggregate, it was so lively that I felt like it was impossible to keep up with. She is quite a prolific writer, though. She also writes about depression and other insightful topics. You should totally check her blog. She already has a sequel to this post, btw. Strange? Strange! 

Oh, this post is Adult fiction so if you have any delicate sensibilities you may want to skip this one.


No,no, no. No!
You get over here!
You,cutie with the butt-rider,
Faking a Schwarzenegger accent.

Come over here!
You talkative much,
I will kiss you silent!
Twisting my tongue in odd patterns,
And make you beg me to
Fuck the shit outta you!

Not yet!

Whine, slime, moan!
Cry, eyes painfully contracted;
Groan, sigh, pant a little,
It’ll be just a kiss
And careful hands.

Call it pre-foreplay!

Skip sixty-nine;
I hate numbers!
So I finger you like a witness,
Caressing all the sanity outta you.
You go mad, eat my dick
Like a vengeful Dracula.

Okay, stop!

We sync our interests again,
Albeit one of us can’t walk.
Relaxed to the last muscle,
Taking in all the air you will need.

Rattle you, you’ll need a crutch.
Spine outta alignment!
Qeep sound, that’s clutch;
Spies your enjoyment.

My back gets nail scratch marks,
My dick, standing for presidency.
You get to be helpless and hopeless
As a feather on a glide.

Herbert Chakurangeyi