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Just yesterday, a friend of mine asked me to send him a love poem for his girlfriend. That’s when I realised I didn’t have any. Oh, well, I had..have.. but they have been burried down under dark poems, scripted mild porn etc. In a weird way, I have lost all the red ones. More’s the pity, I couldn’t come up with anything good enough to send to a girl. Maybe it’s cuz of lack of real time inspiration. Anyway, at least I could come up with this cheesy thingy of which- SPOILER ALERT!- I couldn’t resist but darken a little at the end. Here it is; go wild!

A piece of cheese
Never made anyone obese.
How about a plateful?
Eat these words, dear;
Get love handles
Maybe I can get a handle of myself.

Your face has a symmetry
That makes me distrust my eyes.
It’s daunting to look at
Without stiffening my thighs.

So I look down when I see you,
I’m scared of heights.
I hate god for the night sky,
When I see stars in your eyes.

Myriad adjectives for your nose,
I make up some.
Your lips, blushing pilgrims
On which even Freud could slip.

I simply love you,
Every inch of you;
To the smallest bone,
Like the godess of my idolatry.

Eat these words,
Make your dimples disappear;
Let them surfeit your thigh gap
With evil disgust.

I pray you lose symmetry,
So that no one else can love you.
No one in the multiverse,
Except me!

Because my love for you
Is bigger than the particles 
That make up your chin. 

Herbert Chakurangeyi

Oh, I actually took this photo myself. Proud of this ‘babey’!