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Three of them.
The other two
For the price of one.
Time to crunch the numbers!

Insults, Trump!
Grab them by the…
Fool’see what happens
When you know wordplay?

Throw them off like
Three infants, in a dam.
Darken their imagination
Til they black out.

Three of them,
Double down!
Divide by two
And auction the remainder.

Call in Mathwfare;
Make up words!
Be gratuitous like an
Overzealous Big Mac burger.

Now munch them,
Punch them
Where it hurts!

Where is that?
Ask them!
Make noise about it;
Hilary’s emails.

Hilary smells,
Yeah, I said it!
Monica Lewinsky?
Bill Trumped her first.

Bad culture of secrecy?
Change its name to Spade.
Attack the hub of it,
Go Vatican!

Three of them?
I’m super hungry!
Throw one to Ray’s dogs
And breakfast on the other two!


Herbert Chakurangeyi