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Herbert Uba

When I play god,
Penning life onto paper.
I sometimes unleash the devil
To protect an angel within.

Paint a girl away,
Into my gallery of infinite.
Deny her a name;
Brand her Just Another Fantasy.

Zoom out that face I admire;
Be agnostic about her beatific eyes.
The childish excitement she imparts,
Onto the clit I know not.

Because this is easy;
No complications involved.
Just pack her away
Into my collection.

The fact that she gets it
Is suspect like Hilary’s emails.
I scroll her compliments down fast
And insist she should be boxed.

Would she hate me
For wanting to be simple?
Would she understand if
I showed her my History syllabus?

So I close my eyes
To reset my understanding;
Open them up to
More mysteries.

If I dismantle her,
Each bit still beats me;
If I bunch her up again,
The wit bill hits me!

Maybe I should burn the boxes
She doesn’t fit in any, anyway;
Will buy one along the way
Should need arise.