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Herbert Uba

Superimposed colors;
The worst illusion.
White and black merge
Begging confirmation bias.

Thick judgment
Terrifies angels and demons;
Even gods fear to tread
The minds of mere mortals.

White and black merge;
Confusing stereotypes.
Yuck thoughts so gratuitous
Lucifer pukes three times.

Two separate colors
Yet we had prayed for only one.
We all saw one;
Misunderstood differences.

Escape velocity,
We declared him a Martian.
Forgot the vasectomy he had had
Before he raped the two year old.

Confusing colors;
The whole world in penance.
Misunderstood Differences
Had a tumor we never knew about.


PS:This poem was inspired by actual events that took place in the US a few years ago. A man was arrested for raping his step daughter but was later released when his behavior was determined to have been caused by a tumor that was developing in his brain. This was discovered and investigated after the convict started complaining of migraines. A little while after his release, he voluntarily reported to be experiencing pedophilia. The case was investigated and it was determined that the tumor had not been entirely removed and had started growing. The moral of that real life story is that some of the things we punish ourselves and others for are just beyond our control. Be self-compassionate and forgiving to yourself. Oh, and that man’s tumor was successfully removed for good. Uba, out!