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Empirically Verifiable Implicit Racism.

You have probably heard people say, Let’s Ignore Our Differences & Celebrate Our Similarities. Well, it seems like a fair suggestion but is it a righteous one? Are races of people different in the binary right-wrong way? Do some people look…well, wrong? Can’t we celebrate both similarities and differences? What the hell are we afraid of? Whilst you muse on it, here is a relevant backstory:

I am an African and have been living in India for about three years now. Interacting with other races of people has somewhat sensitized me to interracial interactions and prompted me to think about the existential philosophy regarding this.

Now, one more quick question, and promise to hang onto the most immediate thought that it prompts: Do certain physical apperances have less generosity than others? 

Well, there was one Psychology test that was done several years ago which has implications so scary that we often box people for ‘reading a little too much into it’. It wouldn’t be the first time we dodged hard questions, anyway.

 A quick interesting fact: one prospective book for the bible was decided against because it described the nephilim(offspring of an angel and a human) as the typical Caucasian. 

Anyway, in the experiment, toddlers of different races were asked to each select a doll from a variety modelled from typical persons of each race. The results were fascinating. The preference was very obvious and the fact that you can empirically verify this inside of yourself right now gives the issue even more traction. Noteworthy, since the participants were toddlers, perhaps this wasn’t Racism and, at best, reveals something that thinkers constantly dodge: Racial Discrimination may not be as intentional as we portray it to be when we punish it; it may be a result of a fault in our stars in the most literal sense. 

People who say, ‘Let’s Ignore Our Differences & Celebrate Our Similarities’ or ‘It Doesn’t Matter How We Look, Jesus Loves Us All’ -as what my former Indian bible study teacher once told me-  unknowingly show implicit Racism. But can they be blamed? 

Join me tomorrow in discussing this. My answer might just surprise you. By the way, I would love to know what you think about this. Is it righteous to say Let’s Ignore Our Differences? Is there something we are not being frank about?

©Herbert Uba 2017