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A new tone to
To the world of science;
1 A Newton to
To Quantum mechanics.

Novel elements.
That bugs the sea!
Uncovered like street Indian food,
2Like Seaborg’s elements.

Did Seaborg play god?
Fine man; He was eccentric.
At least he explain everything.
3Like Richard Feynman.

Noble science men,
They deserve Khadashian cuties.
Psych, what’s more sexy than
4Three Nobel radioactive Curies?

Life thin as hymen,
5Imagine it like Einstein.
If you can, kill yourself now;
Say, “Aye, spine!”

Puns that give diarrhoea;
6Suck on that Shakespeare.
Vibrate in your grave, yeah;
My puns shakes spears.

I get it, I’m gross;
You can harbor your fits now.
7Fitz Harbor killed Jews
We gave him a Nobel Prize.

Nerds rule the world!



1. Sir Isaac Newton gave us Newtonian mechanics several centuries ago. Quantum mechanics is a recent discovery.

2. Well, Seeborg actually created some elements that were nonexistent. In case you didn’t know, elements are stuff that make up everything you know.

3. Richard Feynman is renowned as the best Physics teacher. He was a physicist himself. I won’t say much but he is one of those people who deserve all the pages in an encyclopedia.

4. Three women from the Curie family, including Marie Curie received the Nobel Peace Prize. Last time I checked, There were only 18 women who received this prize for Science, by the way.

5. Einstein is one of the smartest people who ever lived. He is many things including time travel and space exploration. 

6. Shakespeare is..oh, well, the guy who popularised puns. Am I the only one who thinks puns sounds like stuff you just wanna eat? That was a pun, in case you missed it.

7. Fitz Harbor is the evil man who unwittingly saved billions of lives. He is Agricultural Fertilizer. This may not seem like a big deal now but the solution to agriculture was a serious concern and a problem on which the fate of the world rested. Fitz discovered a way to make the stuff from which fertilizer is made, albeit for a different reason. He was a Jew who helped the Nazzis to manufacture bombs and deadly gases and, in an indirect way, helped invent the gas that killed about 6 million of his Jewish kind(the 6 million people thing is to be help with a pinch of salt, by the way; some analysts insist that the figure may be a half truth in the literal way).