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The Big Ask.

In the previous post, which you should totally check out, btw, I basically suggested that stars may to blame for Racism. Hopefully, I will be able to sustain this in this post.

Firstly, there once existed a time when it was debatable whether negroids or blacks were humans. There just wasn’t anything wrong with subjecting a black man to work without salary and sell him off as property and those who were a little more generous did that in the context of the contemporary generosity towards most pets. Even the Christians of that time were actually convinced that it was somewhat their God-given right to emancipate the black man, supposedly from his inferior genes. It was a unanimous opinion and to think any differently was greeted with the stigma and scoff similar to that homosexuality advocates received in the early twentieth century. 

The big ask is Did We Learn Everything That We Could Have From That Part Of History or we were just too watchful of each other’s toes to form objective reason. Well, look around you; the latter has it. We ignored an important part of History and now the world is restless and hopeless in minimizing racism ; applying law enforcement to an existential problem. Actually, the same racial discrimination that existed in the past still thrives even in the developed west where you would think time would have made things a little more graceful. 

The plight of the negroid is regenerative in that the frustration he suffers and, for the most part, chooses not to understand circles him back forming an infinite loop of solidifying stereotypes about him. The world just doesn’t warrant him a respite. The world won’t! The world has bigger things to do, such as taking humanity to Mars. (Can’t wait, by the way. I’m seriously considering to preserve myself in a cryogenic chamber should Elon need more time than my life expectancy can warrant.)

Anyway, another big ask is Why Was The Supposed Inferiority Of Black People Persuasive To The White Of Old and, Depending On My Philosophical Bias, Why Were The Blacks Themselves Seemingly Convinced Of This? In a quick example, Lobengula, loosely understood to be the king of what is now known as Zimbabwe sold off the country for a few bags of sugar and perhaps a differently generous sight of exotic women. This was at a time when blacks were being killed for change in white regions; before they could even dream about fighting for bathroom rights.

Remember, even the best, most noble and finest of persons in the Slave Trade era shared the same sentiments that we now chose to believe have obvious disgust.

Well, How Are The Stars To Blame For This? Do you know that black is an undesirable color in our cosmos- or at least according to most philosophical biases? Blackness or darkness are usually ascribed to things that terrify us or feel spidery. Dark thoughts(I use a paraphrase to this a lot: Dark Poetry!); Black Book; Black Out(If this one didn’t flip your lid, you are a tough crowd) etc. Hells, even the holy scriptures have the same philosophical bias. Jesus Is The Light Of The World; he somehow had to be the light and not darkness and the disposition couldn’t make more sense to everyone. To further empirically verify this, people on the safe side of the divide count it a blessing to be themselves and the rest count it a deficit and somewhat of a burden to be themselves. I am persuaded that we are here because of Science and, contrary to popular opinion, Science is indifferent of right and wrong; it’s just true. 

Ever heard of Lil Kim? Probably started out darker in complexion than I am but now passes for a typical blond. Would you blame a girl for wanting to be fr…white; for wanting to be white? Similarly, Michael Jackson used the pretext of skin disease to…well, become pseudo white. (Not that you asked, MJ co-wrote We Are The World to solicit some funds for the poor Haitians after that disaster. I give him props for that. He took one for the black people, after all.) Well, I just established there are implications about racist behavior that we ignore and yet could help is resolve it.

Furthermore, I am happy to report that Racism can actually be taught against. We can manage these unhuman inclinations that grace even the best of us. Join me tomorrow for more on the solution. I promise it won’t be just a rant. 

Please do leave a comment if this talked to you. Until then, peace among the races! Oh, and if you are Asian, India or any other race that I’m still to talk about, I’m still to talk about you guys. Stay optimistic. This will be hard for the Chinese; even their Economics is pessimistic lol. Just kidding! The per capita suicide rate, though. Okay, I think I should stop now.

©Herbert Uba 2017