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Innocence nurtured me;
Started off sucking my thumb.
Only to be weaned to a world
Where I fidget with clits.

Wore my heart on my sleeve
Ever clean like the t-shirts.
The world laughed me off
To mainstream masculinity.

Masculinity has a weird smell;
Castorium to the decent.
Apparently girls love the bando
And being passed around like weed.

The orgies on my mastress;
The pheromones on my carpet.
I let them shake the spear
Just to spite my friend, William.

Puns that give diarrhoea;
Yuck girls off into insanity.
They look you in askance and disgust,
But they wet their lips still.

Vaginal lips, dummy!
Sue me for being lewd?
Just write circles around my head
Till I look like I got a VD.

Innocence natured me
But I hung out with Wordplay.
I ink out everything;
Eminem would be proud!