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What she lacks in mechanics,
She makes up for in Physics.
She spreads her pair
And let me see IT.

It’s tight as thieves!

She feels like a virgin,
Taking vaginal tightening pills.
I break two bones,
Luckily, not the one that matters.

French kiss her lips!

Go stiff and wild;
Design a tumor with her name on it;
She wipes that and my mind clean
As I give her head.

The French would kiss her lips!

She keeps it that clean;
Packed away in yoga pants.
That thing needs two things:
A name and a patent!

The gods probably named it already.


PS: I know my poetry objectifies women but I do it only for the vine. Michelangelo was once asked by his professor why he was drawing nude pictures of women. Michelangelo replied that he wanted to see a lady the way God does. His professor was quick to remind him, “But you are not God, Michelangelo.” What the professor didn’t understand is that art is a reality with no rules; a universe without regulations,where we can do benign sins so that we can be a little more gracious in the real world. Jus to be fair, I was actually seeing things when I wrote that, Ellen!