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Epiphanies That Govern My Life.

Have you ever asked yourself what life is? Even simpler, why should you bother to ask? Well, if you haven’t, you are susceptible to confusing life with existence. Arguably, existence is access and life is activity. I won’t pretend to have an objective definition of Life; neither will I ignore the controversy that surrounds the discussion. However, there are some things that, hopefully, most of us may find persuasive and I believe that knowing them encourages us to be more intentional in how we spend our lives. 

I will be quick to disclaim that this prospective philosophy is one of many and that you should feel free to disagree or to agree in part or in toto. I have broken my discussion into epiphanies that govern my life philosophy.

1. Life Should Prevail No Matter What.

This may seem obvious but many people across the world lose this persuasion at some point in time mainly because of disappointment, oppression, discrimination, hardship etc. How should we think such that we can always value our lives and live them with zeal and courage? Well, it helps to realize that a moment is a negligible point in a time continuum. This simply means that we should not define our lives considering what will have happened in a moment. Rather, we should realize that a dark moment always passes and a better tomorrow comes with the possibility of comforting gifts. Notably, you may face a rejection and may have a hard time getting over it. This is okay; it is a human condition. After a little moarning, muster some self-compassionate and tell yourself that they are better gents or ladies that the future has in store for you. 

2. Be Glad You Have A Problem.

Well, this one I learnt from listening to Eminem’s songs and also studying him. In case you did not know, Eminem was raised by his mother who was a drug addict and she had so lewd a behavior that she dated one of Eminem’s former school mates at some point. Eminem himself picked up a few addictions, was picketed at, flunked ninth grade three times before quitting school, among other ghastly things. To establish some relevance, there are many students and people around the world who may never have had a fair start in life. Perhaps they were abused when they were too little, perhaps they have learning disabilities that impede their learning etc. Other people do not take time to understand them and for the most part these people are ostracized in class social groups. If you are one of them, it is encouraging to know that this chaos may be utilised for creation. Creation of a better and more competitive you through working a little more extra than others; creation of tolerance for those who never take time to understand you; creation of hope for a change in the lives of those who you believe in. Next time when you face a problem, be glad you have one and tickle it with discipline and grace.

3. Curing Yourself Of Protagonist Disease.

Protagonist Disease is a philosophical diagnosis of the human condition. Everyone feels like he/she is at the centre of the universe. When you do something embarrassing in class, the next morning you will feel as if all your classmates are looking at you, laughing about what embesel you are for not getting an easy question correct. Well, it is not actually like that. In fact, almost everyone will be thinking about himself. Consider that the universe is bigger than yourself and let this humble you. Tell your accusing thoughts that nobody really cares and that everything is past. Walk with squared shoulders and raise your head high with confidence. Make more mistakes. And more, until you are immune to them. It is better to be viewed as a nuisance than to be ignored, anyway. Everything passes on, eventually. Remember that old photograph of your late grandmother when she was young? See yourself also growing old and passing away so others can be born. This approach may seem careless but it will help you when things get too much to bear. You will be bolder and you will follow your heart, take risks, live in interesting times and most likely find what you are looking for.

4. Unconventional Knowledge.

Before I make a point about this one, I want to clarify that we all owe it to ourselves to do the best in every aspect of life. We owe it to ourselves to get good grades, to get the best jobs etc. This is somewhat the surest way for a guaranteed existence. However, perhaps when we fail to make a part of the lucky ones we ought to remind ourselves that life is not as straight forward as it is often presented to us. I was studying about the relatively recent acquisition of Jagua and Range Rover by TaTa. Maybe you should look this up yourself but the point is that the world runs by different rules no matter how much we try to standardise. The idea of life is that you pour your whole heart into something so that you may be distinguished as an individual. Sometimes hope and faith pay more because they do not carry price tags within them and the world has a track record of rewarding people who are stupid enough to believe they can make it through life in an avante garde way. All my life, I have never seen anyone whom I could be content exchanging souls with. I keep a smile in the knowledge that I am the best at what irrelevant skills I have and I have stupid hope that those gifts will make me a millionaire by age of thirty. Not just hope, but hope and a work plan.